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About Us

Olin Electric Motorsports is an undergraduate project team at Olin College of Engineering focused on educating engineers through developing and manufacturing electric race cars. Electric vehicles provide a platform for our team to pursue in-depth mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems engineering. By working together to compete each season, members develop their technical knowledge as well as communication and leadership skills essential for success as a professional engineer.

Sponsor Us

Our team relies on collaborative relationships with our sponsors.

Our team is entirely independently funded and relies on sponsorship from companies and groups to function and fund our team’s development. We are very appreciative of our current sponsors. We are always looking for new sponsors, and there are many ways to support our team:

Parts: Your top-of-the-line parts will contribute to our student-designed race car. Help us get an edge on the competition.

Cash: Your cash contribution will help us purchase the tools and parts we need to design and build a competitive vehicle. You make this possible for us!

Mentorship: Your experience and advice will help guide the team to success. Design reviews with professionals are essential learning experiences for our members.

Services: Your company has production capabilities that our team doesn’t. Help us make innovative parts we can’t make in-house.

As a thank you for your support, our team offers various levels of benefits to our sponsors such as member recruitment and features in team marketing. Find more details in our sponsorship package below. If you have any questions, use the Contact Form to reach out to us!

Competition Events

Olin Electric Motorsports competes under Formula SAE Electric. Global competitions include the following events designed to rigorously test every aspect of our vehicle:


task: Traverse 75m straight-line course.
criteria: acceleration and speed


task: Complete a single lap around a tight course.
criteria: handling and speed


task: Complete laps around a figure 8 course.
criteria: turning radius and speed


task: Complete a 20-30 km race.
criteria: completion and speed


task: Use the least amount of energy during the Endurance race.
criteria: energy used


task: Justify design decisions to industry experts.
criteria: good design practices


task: Illustrate why the car would sell in the amateur racing market.
criteria: business thoughfulness


task: demonstrate thorough accounting of costs of car design.
criteria: low cost, robust design

Our history

Olin Electric Motorsports was founded in 2012 as a college research group by a handful of undergraduate students. Now, we have over 50 members and compete in international Formula SAE Electric competitions with a new open-wheel electric race car every year.

  • 2012

    REVO Founding

    A group of Olin students formed a research team dedicated to electric vehicles named REVO: Research of Electric Vehicles at Olin (College)

  • 2012

    Electric Bike Completed

    REVO’s first completed vehicle was a bicycle modified to become an e-bike. The project took nearly a year to complete and laid the foundation for further electric vehicle research and development.

  • 2013

    Go-Kart Completion

    Our second vehicle was an electric go-kart, which is now being used as a testing platform alongside our current Formula-style race cars.

  • 2014

    Trike Completion

    Our third vehicle was an electric tricycle.

  • 2016

    MKI Competition

    Mk I was our first Formula-style race car, built to compete in Formula SAE’s Hybrid class.

  • 2016

    Olin Electric Motorsports Rebrand

    REVO became Olin Electric Motorsports to better represent the team. Rather than purely focusing on electric vehicle research, our team expanded to build electric race cars to compete against other collegiate teams.

  • 2017

    MKII Competition

    Mk II was our first fully electric Formula-style race car. At the community-run Formula North competition, Mk II passed all inspections and tests but encountered a mechanical failure in the Endurance event.

  • 2018

    MKIII Competition

    Mk III was our second fully electric race car which competed at the community-run Formula North event.

  • 2019

    MKIV Completion

    Mk IV was our third entry into FSAE Electric, placing 8th in the Electric Vehicle class at Formula SAE North.

  • 2020

    Formula SAE Virtual Design Event

    At virtual competition due to COVID-19, we participated in the Design event, placing 1st in our division at Formula SAE Virtual

  • 2022

    MKV Completion

    After returning to in-person school, the team completed Mk V Andromeda and brought the car to competition, where we placed 30th in the Electric Vehicle class at Formula SAE Michigan. Most of our team hadn’t experienced a full design cycle and only a few had been to competition, making Andromeda’s completion a milestone for the team.

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